Sunday, 23 May 2010

my brothers over there

i'm a fortune girl, why i say that, cuz i have many new kind brothers from foreign... i feel i'm lucky to know them.. it's very pleasure for me, it's wonderful.. altought sometimes my english is very limited when i wanna talk more with them.. hhahahaha

now i wanna all of u know my great brothers, they are pee tholf, alex and the younger one is erick.. they are my inspiration to write this one.. i never meet them, but i feel near from them, thought we're far apart but they are always in my heart..^^

when one of them come [read:online] i feel happy, i think my guardian angle has came..hahahaha.. i like them so much, they make me forget my problem when i'm in a problem. so i always miss them...*_*

u know, when i'm going down, and they came, just make me smile, and i feel that they give me some sunshine, give me some praise, give me another chance and i wanna grow up once again..hahahaha i know it's not directly, but i feel like that..

ok.. i wanna u to know them..
the first, my elder brother,pee tholft,22 yo, he is from thailand, i love him so much. he is very cool, comfortable,funny, kind, modest, witty, and he said that he is friendly.. ummm. ok, i agree with u pee.. hahahaha.. but he always griping that his english is weak. i know he wanna say something more to me, but he feels, he has limited word to say it. never mind pee, i understand..hehehehe looooool.. when he speechless i always disturb him..heheheh i'm sorry pee. ^^

this is pee tholft picture.. so cool, isn't it???

next, alex, he is the second brother, he was born on 3 des 90, he stay in usa,but he from south america. he very care to me. i love him, he is very sensitive boy, i always kidding him.hahahah he is very caring, fussy, cute, solidarity, full of affection, he is a good lover, loyal with his girlfriend. he always teach me spanish, he is a good teacher..hahaha oh yeah, something unspeakable appear in my mind when i think about alex.he very care to me..

he is alex
and the last erick, 16 yo, from united kingdom, london. sometimes i feel erick is older than me, he is very mature. i have met him, not directly, just in webcam in msn. he looks very mature, i don't think his age still 16 yo. he is very kind,caring and comfortable, he always gives me praise,umm and he likes hello kitty..hohohoho.. what else?? pokoknya i love him, he always makes me smile with his caring. i dont think the boy who 16 yo give me caring like the boy who older than me.. hahaha i love u brother..^^

he is erick, my younger brother.^^

i think enough, for introduction, hhahaha.. i love so much my brother, i wish, they never leave me..
somehow at the back of my mind, i told myself, this is happy struggle.
yes, happy struggle i see them :)
you can see where am i heading now --> i wish i am not alone in this.
hahahahaaaa :p

by the way, maybe somebody don't understand my post, forgive me i use english indonesian style.hhahhahaha..loooool..

oh yeah.. don't forget add comment, if u have read this.. okkkkkksss!!!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

close friend..^^

Jajajajaja, klo saya dengar kata ini saya pengen ketawa sendiri..saya bingun apa artinya.. mungkin aja aku salah mengartikan semua ini.. tapi biarlah, i dont worry.. apapun itu yang jelas aku menyuikai hubungan ini,.. closed friend with foreign..

yupz.. i love them.. hohohoho... ini semua karna saya butuh perhatian sama seseorang tapi dia kadang ga respek sama aku makanya ga salahkan klo aku sekali2 ke luar negri gitu sapa tua ada yang cocok seperti yang aku mau, walaupun impossible untuk di ajak nikah tapi paing tidak closed friend lah..ahhahhaa..

I’m sorry bephz mgkn kamu nganggap klo ini sama aja dengan seligkuh but u ingat ga kamu juga sering gini bahasa kamu sich kamu bilang Cuma sekedar ade kakak. Nah klo kamu menghalalkan itu buat kamu, jadi kamu juga harus menghalalkan ini buat saya, have a closed friend.

Hihiihii.. ^_^ saya sebenarnya ga enak klo harus berbagi kesedihan sama orang lain but sama kamu pun aku ga bisa melakukan semua itu, u know ga kamu tuh klo dah ada kegiatan kamu dah lupa sama aku buat balas smsku pun kamu ga bisa. So i need closed friend for sharing..hihihihi
Huuft.aku akui sebenarnya aku ga bisa tanpa kamu, aku lemah, apa lagi klo akhirnya kamu nyuruh aku untuk memilih,. Sebenarnya yang aku inginkan itu Cuma kamu seorang.. i don’t want another. But i understand ure so busy man. Tapi jujur aja kadang saya cemburu bgt sama kamu klo kmu punya closed friend, kamu bilang ade kk, karna kamu kea pacaran aza, pake sayang2, cium2,. Oh my god it’s hurt... sedangkan saya ga sampai segitunya ji..

Saturday, 8 May 2010

ga tao!! i don't know!!

i dunno how to say my feeling now.. i feel i'm going crazy.. i look foolish now, i don't know, why i luph him so much!! but he doesn't care about it, he doesnt worth my faithful, he is playboy..i know it means he is a bad boy..huhuhu :(

but i give thanks to my friend who always support me, and makes me happy, nak goffek and my beloved brother,pee tholft.. luph u all, brother and my sisters.. u are the best..

back to my feeling.. i really don't know how to discribe my feeling now. i know, i broke up with him but why he always give expectation?? it's hurt me, it's pain. i know that i have many weakness, but i know i perfect lover..huhuhu

now, i want all of u know my feeling today.. i'm sad, i'm confuse, i'm foolish, i'm disapointed, i'm hurt, i wanna die.