Saturday, 8 May 2010

ga tao!! i don't know!!

i dunno how to say my feeling now.. i feel i'm going crazy.. i look foolish now, i don't know, why i luph him so much!! but he doesn't care about it, he doesnt worth my faithful, he is playboy..i know it means he is a bad boy..huhuhu :(

but i give thanks to my friend who always support me, and makes me happy, nak goffek and my beloved brother,pee tholft.. luph u all, brother and my sisters.. u are the best..

back to my feeling.. i really don't know how to discribe my feeling now. i know, i broke up with him but why he always give expectation?? it's hurt me, it's pain. i know that i have many weakness, but i know i perfect lover..huhuhu

now, i want all of u know my feeling today.. i'm sad, i'm confuse, i'm foolish, i'm disapointed, i'm hurt, i wanna die.

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