Sunday, 23 May 2010

my brothers over there

i'm a fortune girl, why i say that, cuz i have many new kind brothers from foreign... i feel i'm lucky to know them.. it's very pleasure for me, it's wonderful.. altought sometimes my english is very limited when i wanna talk more with them.. hhahahaha

now i wanna all of u know my great brothers, they are pee tholf, alex and the younger one is erick.. they are my inspiration to write this one.. i never meet them, but i feel near from them, thought we're far apart but they are always in my heart..^^

when one of them come [read:online] i feel happy, i think my guardian angle has came..hahahaha.. i like them so much, they make me forget my problem when i'm in a problem. so i always miss them...*_*

u know, when i'm going down, and they came, just make me smile, and i feel that they give me some sunshine, give me some praise, give me another chance and i wanna grow up once again..hahahaha i know it's not directly, but i feel like that..

ok.. i wanna u to know them..
the first, my elder brother,pee tholft,22 yo, he is from thailand, i love him so much. he is very cool, comfortable,funny, kind, modest, witty, and he said that he is friendly.. ummm. ok, i agree with u pee.. hahahaha.. but he always griping that his english is weak. i know he wanna say something more to me, but he feels, he has limited word to say it. never mind pee, i understand..hehehehe looooool.. when he speechless i always disturb him..heheheh i'm sorry pee. ^^

this is pee tholft picture.. so cool, isn't it???

next, alex, he is the second brother, he was born on 3 des 90, he stay in usa,but he from south america. he very care to me. i love him, he is very sensitive boy, i always kidding him.hahahah he is very caring, fussy, cute, solidarity, full of affection, he is a good lover, loyal with his girlfriend. he always teach me spanish, he is a good teacher..hahaha oh yeah, something unspeakable appear in my mind when i think about alex.he very care to me..

he is alex
and the last erick, 16 yo, from united kingdom, london. sometimes i feel erick is older than me, he is very mature. i have met him, not directly, just in webcam in msn. he looks very mature, i don't think his age still 16 yo. he is very kind,caring and comfortable, he always gives me praise,umm and he likes hello kitty..hohohoho.. what else?? pokoknya i love him, he always makes me smile with his caring. i dont think the boy who 16 yo give me caring like the boy who older than me.. hahaha i love u brother..^^

he is erick, my younger brother.^^

i think enough, for introduction, hhahaha.. i love so much my brother, i wish, they never leave me..
somehow at the back of my mind, i told myself, this is happy struggle.
yes, happy struggle i see them :)
you can see where am i heading now --> i wish i am not alone in this.
hahahahaaaa :p

by the way, maybe somebody don't understand my post, forgive me i use english indonesian style.hhahhahaha..loooool..

oh yeah.. don't forget add comment, if u have read this.. okkkkkksss!!!!

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