Thursday, 3 June 2010

boredom moment :(


Dis night is very boring.. i have online but i still bored... wad happened to me? What do i want?? How i ask somebody, i ma sefl don’t know wad i want... danm meeeeeee.... stressed....!!
I feel miss body or thing.. but i dunno who or wad? Uuuurgh maybe i just think about thing is named money hahahaha... but why? I still have money kok... so wad???

I need somebody.. yes, i need somebody now..yeah, i miss roommate.. i wanna talking..but i dont have friend here.. nobody can talk wid me... all is busy.. Au very busy Au i know, it’s no big matter.. i can sms wid the other.. but no, it will make me more bored.. i need understanding now.. maybe if i talk wid someone i’ll easy to hungry..uuups,, i mean angry...*shy* ....
i kno,, i wont less ma beauty tonight wid dis boredom moment.. loool
Whatever lah.. maybe lonely is better tonight.. it’s ma unlucky nite.. and more annoyed is when i have chat wid palestine rowdy boy.. he’s very annoyed.. it’s make me more bored.. fuck him..
Ma happiness where r u? Why ma boredom come tonight?? Lazy to talk dis but i wanna say dat ma boyfriend have made me annoyed too, i know his teaching is up, but he don’t reply ma sms.. huuuft.. but whatever,,, da palestine boy is more annoyed, he is muslim but why he always talk about something bad. be polite dong!!!. huuft ... exactly not at all palestine people is kind...*disampointed*
anyway, where have he found ma msn email?? How can he add me in msn?? Okey, i really confused.. so whatlah.. pokoe i have to remove him from ma list friend soon..
ma God help meeeee... i need frind nowwwwww.. i’m bored..... just can write ma feeling in dis... hwaaaaaa... dis ma everything to nite.. is da boredom struggle......
and today u know ma presentation is pending again.. again.. and again... it made me dizzy to think about it.... today full of da fool day.. all day today.... wuekk.. *crying*
i know soon i’ll happy, but i dunno when?? Hehe.... urgh i’m sleeepy.. i gonna sleep..once more i say today is very boring..ring..ring..ring.. seboring boringnya..... i hate dis moment... XP something wishper in ma ear and said dat don’t be sad beautiful gal, everythings gonna be ok..haha... [jecko :mode on]

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