Sunday, 3 October 2010

sat nite @ pizza ria cafe

This is sat nite, awalnya kami boring tinggal di sekret (dormnya nela), 2 harian di sekret ga keluar rasanya sumpet bagt.. originally boring. Pas malming gitu aku iseng aja sms ke banyak ngajakin teman2 keluar, bberapa dari mereka ada yang respon sih, ada yang lagi malas keluar lah, ada yang lagi ngapel pacarnya lah, but yu know respon dari pute dia lagsung iyakan aja... wow.. good.. awal yang baik..hoho.. then aku sms lagi ke teman2 , ngajakin makan pizza abis ngiler tadi liat masakann itali di TV, nah, respon teman2 berbeda2 lagi, ada yang bilang “OGAHHHH”, ada yang bilang “ tadi aku dah makan pizza ijo ( urrgh,pisang ijo kaleee)” . but respon dari pute akhirnya positif lagi, dia mengiyakan...

Friday, 1 October 2010


Let me laugh first..

Now, let’s continue our topic, english education departement, it’s my major that dedicated to be a good teacher,my lovely parent’s chose for me for make me smarter and a be a real human (maksud lo?). they want me to be a teacher, favorite job in my family dari jaman doeloe, and be a new hell for me... I know, ac2ly is very good major but i cant fighting in this major cuz i can not teaching. I really cant do that. If can transfert my knowledge to the other,why not?i will... But it my first problem,, i cant transfeer my knowledge. I just can read and write. Ac2ly, dulu i wanted to be a teacher, but ini dulu bgt nich, when i didn’t know anything about thiss world. But now, i’ve practise to be a teacher, and i realized that it’s very not suitable for me. even tought, EED has many chance to be a official servent.