Sunday, 28 November 2010

wanna be with yu...^^

it's sunny sunday..feels so lonely.. i dont know why he punish me like this.. he feels like far away from me.. perhaps my feeling only, and it makes me lonely..aaaaaaaargh... it's not only my feeling but its the truth... i'm lonely..... i dont want to be alone:(

saya maonya kamu selalu ada buat aku... i wanna always be with yu.. tapi apa?? yu dont mind.. :( napa siich???? waktu kita bentar lagi kan?? tapi kita udah jarang ketemu.... ajakan aku selalu aja di IGNORE.. fufufuf thanks for hurting me.. THANKS SO MUCH.. yu knoww that i want yu but yu always make me upset with yu...

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


eeeeerrrggghhh... kapan aku sembuh dari aktivitas menyebalkan ini... MENGGARUK... cape gw.. tiap malam, pagi siang sore malam lagi... menggaruk aja muluk... eeehhh.. itch, aku tuch punya banyak kerjaan lain yang harus aku selesaiin, aaahhh fuck up!!

sometimes i feel so upset, cuz you are so annoyed.. specially when i wanna do something important, or i'm in the public car, aku harus garuk dulu , even i'm shy actually.. idk Y it happen to me... uuppsss, no... not just me, but my others friend also felt that...exactly, in the same room in my friens dorm felt it all..ckckck... idk exacly what the causes, bcuz,when i went to doctor to check up, he just said that its a common itch, dont worry!! uuurgh, but the fact, it makes my skin broke..

Sunday, 21 November 2010

ceneng aza... happy mode on.. :)

hhhahhayy... finally, my blog bisa terbuka juga, setelah sekian lama menunggu kehadirannya.. ckkckck *apa2an ini*.. seneng bisa curhat disini lagi, so many event was haapen in my life, but i didn't share at my nice blog, cuzzz lagi ada trouble di blog aku ini...