Saturday, 11 December 2010

had fun @ jepot *take a pic every moment* lol

jepot village.. ^^

yey, finally sampe juga di jepot.. it was planning on some month ago.hoho it was long long journey, wasn't it?? hahh??? ada yang cinlok??haha i donno, maybe just our feeling *sebenarnya udah lama ain't @jepot* ckckc.. but i dont wanna story about that now.* takut di cubitin+diomelin* >.<

Friday, 10 December 2010

the third anniversary 021210 :(

actually i should be happy in this moment cuz our love relationship old enough but it's a big problem for me.. :( yu know why?? bcuz my time with him less.. only some month left, hiks hiks hiks >.<..

klo ngingat yang satu ini, i feel my spirit lost.. i can't breath.. if i should die before i wake, it's cause he took my breath away,loosing him is like living in the world with no air.. but forget it, cuz i have to trhough it someday..