Friday, 10 December 2010

the third anniversary 021210 :(

actually i should be happy in this moment cuz our love relationship old enough but it's a big problem for me.. :( yu know why?? bcuz my time with him less.. only some month left, hiks hiks hiks >.<..

klo ngingat yang satu ini, i feel my spirit lost.. i can't breath.. if i should die before i wake, it's cause he took my breath away,loosing him is like living in the world with no air.. but forget it, cuz i have to trhough it someday..

And anyway,altought he is so annoyed akhir akhir ini, but if he isn't beside me i fetl like something gone in my life.. and stuggling to exit this thing is nothing..>,< so, will i be fine without him later when he really leave me???

dah 3 tahun kami bersama menjalani hari..seneng, sedih, jengkel, cemburu buta,nyebelin, nangis, marah, in love, sayang, caring, attentions, udah kami rasa semuanya.. tapi napa yak awal2 tahun kami pacaran beda sama masa2 akhir pacaran kami, dulu dia over protective, easy to sms*klo ga punya pulsa biasanya pke plsanya temennya*, easy to call me, always miss me, hold my hand, gave me his sholder when i was down, gave me spirit, interested with my story.. and so many caring he had given to me. but now it's less.. hiks hiks hiks.. apa karena ada yang baru???? ntah lah... semua itu akan saya maafkan and i luve just the way yu are... i do luv him.. luv yu bephz,, mmuah.. :* (dimanako lagi mo dapat cewe sebaik saya we?)

well, tadi itu sad story nya.. now, so many happy moment yang udah kami lalui bersama.. unspeakable and unforgetable bgt dah pokoknya... selama tiga tahun ini i'm so happy with him, happy struggle *walaupun kadang nyebelin dia* and i always gripe him..hehe pokoknya aku sayang bgt sama dia,, ga kebayang rasanya klo hrus pisah sama dia.. i think, i cant life without him.. :( i hope a mirecle.. that someday if he is happy with someone else, i'll happy too.. aaargh... forget it.. i dont care what will happen,, i'm gonna be with him.. I WANNA Be WITH HIM FOREVER..

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